PC – Grand Theft Auto 2 Cheats

PC – Grand Theft Auto (GTA2) Cheats

Enable Cheat Mode
Enter GOURANGA as a name to start cheat mode. Once cheat mode has been enabled, other cheats may be entered by typing them before you start a new mission.
NOTE: Some of these codes only work in the European (EU) version of the game.

Get Out of Jail Free card
Enter JAILBAIT during game.

Enter DANISGOD during game.

Enter MUCHCASH or COOLBOY during game.

Enter IAMDAVEJ during game.

10x multiplier
Enter SEGARULZ during game.

99 lives
Enter CUTIE1 during game.

All levels
Enter TUMYFROG during game to access all levels including hidden ones.

All weapons and ammunition
Enter GODOFGTA during game.

Blood mode
Enter GOREFEST during game.

Debug scripts
Enter NO FRILLS during game.

Default weapons and ammo
Enter DAVEMOON during game.

Display coordinates
Enter WUGGLES during game.

Double damage power-up
Enter SCHURULZ during game.

Electro gun
Enter VOLTFEST or VOLTEST during game for Electro gun and unlimited ammo.

Flame thrower
Enter FLAMEON during game for flame-thrower with unlimited ammo.

Free merchandise
Enter EATSOUP during game for free oil, guns, spray and more.

Gain respect from all gangs
Enter MADEMAN during game.

Increase brutality
Enter BEEFCAKE during game.

Enter RSJABBER during game.

Enter HUNSRUS during game.

Keep weapons after arrest
Enter ARSESTAR during game.

Maximum Wanted level
Enter DESIRES during game in set Wanted level to four.

No police
Enter LOSEFEDS or ELVIS IS HERE during game.

Pedestrians are Elvis impersonators
Enter LASVEGAS during game.

Pedestrians are aggressive
Enter BUCKFAST during game.

Pedestrians are nude
Enter NEKKID during game.

Points for spraying car, saving game, etc.
Enter DANISGOD during game.

Rodent on screen
Enter MEATMAN during game.

Select level
Enter ITSALLUP during game.

Skip exploding scores.
Enter COCKTART during game.

Small cars
Enter FISHFLAP during game.

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